Why I Celebrate

“Be sure to celebrate the many small things…bright days, good friends, and anything with sprinkles” -Leigh Standley

I believe that there is always a reason to gather with friends, savor a cupcake, & shower a room with confetti. I love that a good party brings people together to celebrate life’s happiest moments.

My mom is the queen of hosting. I definitely caught my party planning fever from her. She knows how to make anyone & any occasion feel special with her creativity and attention to detail. Memories from my first sleepover to my sweet sixteen will forever be ingrained in my mind because of her personal touches. I’d be remiss if I didn’t give credit to my dad as well. He has always helped execute party plans like the time I “needed” a red carpet to stretch the length of our never-ending sidewalk for my Hollywood themed 12th birthday party.

There is something thrilling in the preparation of a celebration whether small or large. As my mom has inspired me to celebrate life, I want to inspire & equip you to make every occasion special. Join me in tossing confetti as I give you my best tips and tricks on how to throw your own DIY parties.

2 thoughts on “Why I Celebrate

  1. Sweet Alexis! How exciting!
    I certainly remember having the honor of attending an “adorable” tea party given by your sweet mom! Such an amazing time for this Kindergarten teacher!
    Often, when I drive by your former home, the memories fill my heart!
    I knew you would attain great accomplishments! I look forward to your blog!

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