“Superb Owl”

[because sometimes auto-correct can be a hoot ;)]

So apparently there is a big sporting event happening on Sunday. Although I do not know the stats of teams or a single player’s name, I do know that the Super Bowl is cause for a fun party. Whether you are a mega football fan or you are like me and only appreciate the Super Bowl because of the finger foods, clever commercials, and social atmosphere, this post is for you. Today I am sharing quick and easy tips on how to add last-minute pizazz to your Super Bowl gathering.

I have attended many Super Bowl parties over the years but there is one that remains most memorable in my mind thanks to autocorrect.  Autocorrect changed my youth pastor’s promotional graphic from “Super Bowl Party” to “Superb Owl Party”. Like most things in our youth group, it stuck and became a tradition to have a “Superb Owl” Party.  All things considered, spell check could have done a lot worse.

Regardless of what you call it, be sure to make your football celebration superb! There are 3 essential elements to making any get-together a success: good entertainment, yummy food, and cute decorations. Luckily, since it’s the Super Bowl, entertainment is covered. So let’s talk food! No one expects five-star dining at the big game day gala so keep it simple and make it a potluck. This year, I am making semi-homemade pepperoni pizza rolls and chocolate-covered strawberry footballs.

What you need to make the Pepperoni Pizza Roll-Ups:

  • One Can Crescent Rolls
  • One Package String Cheese
  • One Package Pepperoni


Cut cheese sticks in half. Unroll crescent triangles and place cheese and pepperoni on the shortest side. Roll the crescent dough and place on baking sheet. Follow baking instructions on crescent roll can. Serve with marinara sauce and/or ranch

 I found this pizza roll up recipe on Pinterest and they were a huge hit at the last potluck I attended!

What you need to make the Strawberry Footballs:

  • Fresh Strawberries
  • One Package Milk Chocolate Almond Bark
  • Squeezable White Icing


Wash strawberries. Dip the strawberries in the melted Almond Bark. Add white icing laces and serve.

Now for the décor. I love taking a theme and running with it. There are a couple game plans you can choose from when it comes to a Super Bowl party. You can keep it more generic with lots of green and brown representing the turf and pigskin or you can play up the team’s colors. For this Super Bowl I made football field bunting and football straw garnishes.

To make the bunting:

Supplies: Pennant and football template, scissors, marker, hot glue gun, green and brown felt, white pipe cleaners, and twine
Make a pennant pattern, trace onto felt, and cut
Cut pipe cleaners to size, bend to shape numbers, and hot glue onto pennants
String pennants onto twine and ta da-you have football field bunting!

To make the straw garnishes:

With your leftover brown felt, cut out small footballs, fold in half and make two small parallel cuts. Hot glue a white pipe cleaner horizontal stripe and insert straw through cuts.
Final product

One final thought: set up a chalkboard by the food where guests can predict the outcome of the game. This will jazz up your buffet and is an interactive activity for your company. Now go score a confetti touchdown!


Prediction chalkboard
Buffet-style setup

One thought on ““Superb Owl”

  1. I love this idea. What a hoot! I wish I had seen it before the Super Bowl. I can hardly wait for your next post. Thanks for sharing.


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