Tori Turns Twenty!

Last weekend my roommate turned twenty! I had a blast planning a surprise trip to Austin to celebrate her entry to the roaring twenties. My favorite thing about birthday bashes is that you can customize the party to fit the person. Tori enjoys exploring quirky shops, snapping pictures, and laughing with friends. I wanted to be sure to incorporate each of those things into her special day.

To kick-off her birthday weekend, I wanted to make the morning special. I spent Thursday night tiptoeing around, after she went to bed, decorating our apartment for the big day. I set up balloons, a banner, and dusted the room in confetti, of course. Friday morning she woke up to the transformed birthday wonderland.

Sunday, the day of the surprise trip, I requested that Tori get ready to go. She knew I had something panned for the day, she just didn’t know what. As we headed to the car, balloons in tow for the photo shoot I had in mind, the “2” balloon slipped off of its holder and swirled up, up, and away into the clouds before we could do anything about it. It was one of those moments where you just had to laugh and move on to Plan B. We then drove to downtown Austin for some fun shopping. First, we wandered down Congress Avenue and stopped in at Uncommon Objects, a funky antique shop that Tori had been wanting to go to. Next, we indulged in some sweet treats at Hey Cupcake!. Then, we went to the Graffiti Park, another must-see in Austin, where I had some of our sweet friends meet up with us to take unique pictures. (Next time I visit the Graffiti Park I will definitely wear tennis shoes because it is quite the uphill climb. I will also take a can of spray paint to leave my mark on the ever-changing art display.) To top the night off, we ate a delicious dinner at Hopdoddy Burger Bar.

We successfully pulled off the surprise and had the best time celebrating our bubbly friend! If you ever find yourself in Austin, TX, be sure to check out these fun spots!

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