Lights, Camera, Party!

Extravagant gowns, dapper tuxedos, and golden statues. It’s time for the Academy Awards! For one night, we get to be a part of the dazzling Hollywood scene as we watch some of our favorite actors and films honored for their extraordinary talent.

Movies have the unique power to challenge our thinking, transport us to places we have never been, and invoke feelings in a way that can’t be matched. I am fascinated by the glamour of Hollywood displayed on screen and the behind-the-scenes work that is poured into each production. I love living vicariously through the stars on Oscars night and can’t wait to gather with my gal pals for the star-studded event!

Since we are only a week away from the big night, I am having a dress rehearsal to share my Oscar viewing party ideas with you. Upon arrival, guests will enter through a red curtain sign that my talented friend created. Since the Oscars is a red-carpet soiree, it is important that my company have a runway to strut across as the paparazzi snap photos. I am setting up a photo booth complete with a red “carpet” (aka butcher paper), golden balloons, and glittery Oscar props.

To make the night more interactive and special, I am holding an awards ceremony for my friends. I created a simple ballot (Oscar-Award-Ballot) that my guests will use to nominate each other for various awards inspired by the academy categories. Once all the votes are in, the winners will receive a glittery Oscar cutout.

To make awards: trace Oscar template onto gold glitter paper and cut. Print and glue award name onto base of cutout.


Can’t forget the snacks! Celebrating movies calls for movie snacks. I am all about DIY so I am setting setting up a popcorn bar where my guests can be the directors of their own refreshments.  The buttery popcorn will be the main attraction of course, and I have put together some flavor shakers to spice things up. On the savory side, I poured one packet of Hidden Valley ranch seasoning into a salt shaker for easy addition to individual popcorn servings. For your sweet tooth, inspired by a Pinterest recipe, I mixed together about 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar with 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon (also poured into a salt shaker) to create a cinnamon sugar option. I have also picked up my favorite candy to be used as popcorn toppings. To wash all the sugary, salty goodness down, I will be serving ‘Shirley Temples’ (ginger ale & maraschino cherries) to honor everyone’s favorite Hollywood sweetheart.

Cut out stars for simple & cute decoration!
Add a gold, glittery star to a clear cellophane bag for cute way to serve the popcorn!
Serve Shirley Temples in a clear glass to display the pretty color of the bubbly drink & add a paper straw!

Places everyone! It is time to take center stage! Practice your speech because the Oscar for best viewing party goes to…you!

Oscar Party take 2



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