Think Inside the Box

Do you have a friend’s birthday coming up but they live out of town? No problem! This post is all about how to send a party in a box.

Y’all know that I love all celebrations but birthdays take the cake for me! Birthdays are my favorite because celebrating people is my favorite. Just because you can’t physically be there to party with your friend, doesn’t mean you can’t make their day special.

Step One:

You are going to need a box (no brainer, right?). Fill the bottom with bubble wrap, tissue paper, and crinkle paper.


Step Two:

Add goodies that your friend will love. I am including a bracelet, candy, a birthday crown, confetti poppers, and fun socks that will remind her that it is her day so “treat yo self”!


These socks were less than $2.00 at Target!

Step Three:

In my opinion, this is the best addition-number balloons. If you can’t tell, I am obsessed with them! Seriously though, how cute are they?! And I had fun adding a little DIY tissue tassel touch.


  • Supplies: tissue paper, scissors, & decorative tape
  • Directions: Fold tissue paper & cut to desired height. Fold horizontally & cut fringe up to an inch away from crease. Wrap around bottom tab of balloon & secure with decorative tape.

Step Four:

Fill in box with more bubble wrap & tissue paper as needed.

Step Five:

Top it off with a confetti-filled card because what is better than being showered by surprise colorful bits of paper & sparkles?! Two of my new favorite products featured in the pictures below are Love Note Stationary & The Confetti Bar. LNS has the most adorable & well-crafted paper products-but I my be biased because a friend is one of the designers ;). Mom just recently found & introduced me to TCB and let me tell ya-it is magical! (Click on the pictures to visit their websites!)

Don't forget the card!
Love Note Stationary Birthday Card + Confetti Bar confetti
Confetti Bar confetti
Confetti Bar confetti

Now you are ready to ship & send the most fun birthday in a box! Don’t just send a gift, send a party!

*Side note: You can obviously customize this to best fit your friend’s favorites &/or the occasion. You can center it around that movie they watch all the time or their unique hobby. Play with it & have fun. In fact, you can send a boxed party for any occasion. One of my favorite care packages from mom was a Taco Tuesday kit. She sent all the fixings for a fabulous fiesta. I have also seen tons of other cute ideas on Pinterest-another obsession of mine!

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