Calculate Pi & Eat it Too

Did y’all know that there are wacky holidays to celebrate almost every single day of the year?! As you can imagine-I’m a big fan this. You can view calendars of these fun, unofficial holidays online (I like Time and Although I am not sure who gets to decide these dates, I am sure that I love the idea of celebrating something each day. As I peruse the different holidays, I find that my favorites are those that highlight food. Haha!

Coming up on March 14th is Pi day (because Pi=3.14…get it? 3/14/17 😉 ). For all of you math geeks out there you might choose to spend the day using Pi to calculate circumference. I however, will celebrate by eating the circumference of a pie because Pi and pie are basically the same thing, right?

You can throw a Pi palooza for all your math-loving peeps that is as easy as pie! All you need is whipped cream, sprinkles, and pie! This time I cheated a little and bought my pie from the grocery store but you can have your guests help you make the pie using your favorite family recipes. Another suggestion is to have a pie competition. Have each guest bring their best pie and let the winner give the loser a pie in the face.

Be sure to keep a lookout for all of the nutty, daily holidays and don’t be the one caught with pie on your face!

3 thoughts on “Calculate Pi & Eat it Too

  1. I love looking at the random holidays just to have an excuse to eat a certain food on a certain day. I was unaware that March 14th was National Pie Day though. I definitely missed out on celebrating a great day.

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  2. I really had no clue about all these holidays until reading your blog. the 3.14 Pi day is really cool on March 14. Your idea of pi palooza is very interesting and sounds like fun your pics make it even better. Even though I hate math i might just try it out just for the pie lol.


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