Backyard Movie Night

Spring has sprung, y’all! This means that it is time to get outside…if you are willing to brave the pollen smog, that is.

I have swooned over drive-in movie theaters since the first time I watched ‘Grease’ and John Travolta serenaded me with ‘Stranded at the Drive-In’. What is more fun than parking your car in front of a gigantic screen and watching cinematic magic unfold under the stars? You can create the same endearing atmosphere in your own backyard! Plus, it’s a fun excuse to kick start your spring cleaning by ridding your yard of that pollen film that leaves nothing untouched.

First thing first: you need a screen and projector. I suggest using a white sheet for the screen and borrowing a projector.

Next you are going to need seating. If your seating is limited make it BYOC (Bring Your Own Chair) or BYOQ (Bring Your Own Quilt)  ;).

Finally, what’s a party without food? You can, of course, cater to a theme; for example, serving oceanic treats if you plan on showing ‘Finding Dory’ (one of my personal faves). Or reinvent a favorite outdoor dessert: s’mores. I found a fabulous s’mores dip recipe  on…you guessed it…Pinterest. (I recommend serving immediately and having a spreader available because the chocolate does harden.) To wash down the gooey yummy-ness and add to the retro vibe, serve soda in glass bottles.

You might also want to:

  • Hand out glow-in-the-dark glasses
  • Doll up your water bottles with a little duct tape and a few tickets
  • Set out yard games to entertain guests before the big show

Shhh, the movie is about to start!

5 thoughts on “Backyard Movie Night

  1. I absolutely LOVE this idea! I always look on Pinterest for ideas like this. Who needs Pinterest when your blog has instructions and everything?!? I totally love all of your articles and all the ideas you have. Very creative!!! I’ll be using some of your ideas for sure.

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  2. This seems like an unforgettable evening! I can only imagine the potential something like this could have. The pictures show just how great it can be! The food looks and sounds amazing. However, for now, the pollen will have a hold on these plans for me!

    Liked by 1 person

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