Let Confetti (& Kindness) Reign

“Throw kindness around like confetti!”

There are two things that you have probably figured out about me by now: 1) I love celebrations and 2) I love confetti. These two facts + cupcakes = Confetti Day.  I declared this past Thursday “Confetti Day”. I baked “Funfetti” cupcakes, grabbed some confetti poppers from my arsenal and ran around campus with my roommate to surprise our friends. We had a blast watching the startled reactions of our unsuspecting peers…and the leftover cupcakes weren’t too bad either. 😉

Don’t be bummed if you missed out on Confetti Day this time around. I give you full permission to celebrate Confetti Day whenever and however often you’d like. As I have mentioned before, I believe that no occasion is too small to make it special-even if it is made up.

Not only did Confetti Day give us the chance spread some kindness, it also allowed us to have good conversation with friends we don’t get to talk to everyday. As cliché as this is about to sound, our day was brightened just as much as we hope theirs was. With that said, get out and “throw kindness around like confetti”. Take the time outside of school and work to speak to your classmates, co-workers, and neighbors and don’t forget the confetti!



5 thoughts on “Let Confetti (& Kindness) Reign

  1. I absolutely love this! For one I love cupcakes, and two, it just makes me happy to see other celebrating life and spreading kindness and love. We certainly all could use a Confetti Day once in a while. I for one am definitely going to participate in spreading kindness through Confetti Day in hopes of brightening up someone’s day as well. Great post!

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