Whimsical Tea in Wonderland

The words “I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!” fit this party perfectly for two reasons:

  1. It was was an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party.
  2. I was running behind schedule, and therefore, scrambling to get everything ready before guests arrived.

Let me start off by saying that I am so grateful for my fun roommate, Tori, & supportive friends who will join me in executing my silly ideas no matter how extra they are. I had been wanting to throw a tea party for a while because I had the perfect confetti to fit the occasion, of course! Tori agreed to the idea only if it could be Alice in Wonderland themed…genius, right?! (And as it turns out, Pinterest has a million & one fabulous ideas on this theme!)

As I began thinking about the Mad Hatter’s outdoor tea, I insisted that ours be outside, too. My campus has a dreamy gazebo with a pond & fountain for a backdrop, making it the perfect location for an afternoon tea gathering.

Day of & crunched for time, Tori & I packed my car full of supplies and raced to the outdoor venue. Upon arrival, we quickly spread out the quilts, sprinkled confetti, & set up the food. We hit our first snag when the outlets weren’t working for the percolator to heat up the water for tea so I ran it into the nearest building and plugged it in. Our next flounder happened when our clock & card decor was blown down by the unrelenting wind. I had this grand vision of how everything was going to look and be, but things were quickly changing. I am a person who loves creating plans & making them happen so I am very resistant to changing those carefully thought out plans. I tell you this to say that it is more important to be adaptable than to focus on the tiny details that can be sacrificed.

Once everyone arrived, we all had a lovely time catching up, eating finger foods, & sipping our strawberry lemonade (our backup drink that ended up being the star of the show…haha. It was too hot for tea anyway! #Texas).

We snacked on delectable pastries and cucumber cream cheese sandwiches because is it really a tea party without them? Another essential if you actually do drink tea: sugar cubes. And don’t even bother going to a specialty store-I found them at Walmart!

We played a fast-paced card game called “Spot It”. (The name makes me think of the phrase “spot of tea” 😉 so it was a win-win)

With everyone all dolled up, I couldn’t resist taking a few mug shots!

IMG_7630 (5)

Are these not the cutest napkins you’ve ever seen?!

Gather your girls & raise your teacups! You are never too old for a tea party!

P.S. Here is a picture of my failed attempt to string the gazebo with clocks & cards 😂 If anyone has better luck with this please let me in on your secret!

IMG_7600 (2)

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