Leaves are falling like confetti, there’s a crisp breeze, & everything is flavored with pumpkin spice…it’s fall, y’all! With Halloween brewing in less than a week, I want to share how a couple friends of mine got the spooky celebration started.

I have never participated in the boo game until this year. Last week Tori & I heard a knock at the door to find our upstairs neighbors, Mary & Callie, with a basket brimming with Halloween goodies! And the fun did not stop there-along with the festive treats, was a note challenging us to boo two other people.

How cute are they?! Our basket was overflowing with monster rice crispy treats, yummy cookies, muddy buddies, popcorn, Halloween cups, nail polish, & a glittery pumpkin to top it all off!

We were thrilled by the surprise and excited to keep the boo chain going. We stuffed our boo bags with bubbles, silly string, pumpkin shaped ice cube trays, paper straws, cookies, vampire teeth, & confetti! We actually ran into the other girls Mary and Callie boo-ed while we were shopping for our bags. It was fun to see what they were filling their baskets with for their unsuspecting friends.

Contrary to the note’s instructions, we weren’t exactly stealthy on the deliveries…we did accidentally scare a few people along the way but that’s a whole other story. 😂 So I’ll let you decide whether to choose the sneaky approach, or a more social strategy.

I would love to hear your stories & see pictures of the boo baskets you create in the comments! Who will you choose to boo? 👻

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