Miss MHB Reception

They say it takes a village to raise kids. Well, I’m convinced the same is true for big events.

Each year my university holds a pageant in search of a student to represent the campus over the course of the year. It is a really neat opportunity for girls to display their talents and advocate for their chosen platform. One of my favorite things about my school is that they give students leadership roles for productions such as pageant. I was thrilled this semester when the director asked if I would be interested in heading up the reception committee. (Following pageant, the school holds a reception in our student union building to celebrate all the girls’ hard work.) After checking my schedule, I happily agreed. I’ll admit that I was nervous to take on such a big task, but excited to rise to the challenge.

With a budget, Pinterest  board, and the best help imaginable, the reception came to life. For a couple of weeks my mind was filled with rose gold sparkles, flowers, and photo booths. I met and coordinated with the set committee to ensure that the theme would shine through and made several trips to Hobby Lobby to hit the sales at just the right time. Before I knew it, it was game day. We arrived early and stayed late to ensure the fine tuning of all the details.


Since the reception was on the third floor, I wanted to have little touches on the first and second levels leading guests to the top. On the first floor, we had photo op number one.


The cream letters were cut out with a Cameo Silhouette. (Thankful for a mom who will use her handy machine to cut letters and crowns and mail them to me!) The rose gold letters were drawn on foam board, cut with a razor blade knife, and spray painted. (Grateful for Mal’s handwriting that is so much better than mine!)

We put chalkboard on the second floor for motivation because let me tell ya, it’s a climb! (Tori’s artsy chalkboard skills never cease to amaze me!)IMG_7796

On the third floor in the lobby outside of the Great Hall, I recreated the encouragement tables from the year before. The tables were lined with frames and pictures of each contestant for family and friends to sign the mat. Isn’t that such a great keepsake?


Adorning the bistro tables were simple squaty fishbowl vases filled with water and some of my new favorite flowers.


Fortunately, food was easy because our school’s catering company took care of all the sweet and savory treats. They even decorated the table, but I did add a few touches of my own for continuity.


Okay we’ve made it to the last stop on this virtual tour & my personal favorite. Inside the main room were 3 fun photo ops: giant letters, lush hoops, and solid sequins.


These hoops are my newest obsession…one may or may not have found its way into my apartment. 😉 All you have to do to create this look is spray paint hula hoops, wrap a strand of battery operated fairy lights, and attach greenery and flowers with floral wire!

IMG_3580 (1)
Seeing everything come together was super rewarding. The night was a success from start to finish because of the awesome directors and fabulous contestants. I am grateful that I got to have a small part in it. Big shout out to Mal, Analisa, Hanna, Tori, Sarah, Lynsey, Brooke, & my fave Marys’! Couldn’t have done it without y’all! 😊


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