Confetti Kindness 2018

Y’all! It’s Confetti Day! For those of you who are new to Confetti Day, it’s a holiday that I made up last year. It is a day to celebrate the people in your life by sharing a little extra kindness with them.

I treat the day as a traveling party. My roommate and I run around campus delivering confetti goodies to friends. Although today is technically the “official” day, due to schedules, we delivered the treats on Tuesday. Why limit confetti kindness to one day when you can celebrate all week, amiright?

On Tuesday just as I began my route, the sky started throwing some confetti of its own (aka it started raining). Determined to press on, I splashed my way up and down apartment buildings surprising as many pals as I could.

Being so close to Easter, I incorporated confetti eggs into delivery day. Tori and I giggled endlessly with each crack, throw, and inevitable mess we made at each stop…not sure our friends were laughing as hard though…oops!

Along with throwing confetti at people, an important component is edible confetti because who doesn’t love food? I did a little experimenting with different funfetti cookies. The first batch was baked from Miss Jones’ “Confetti Pop” cookie mix-talk about delish! I took matters into my own hands on the second batch by adding multi-colored sprinkles to sugar cookie mix and they turned out great as well! (Miss Jones on the left, Betty Crocker on the right.)

Tip 1: when packaging the cookies, place one cellophane bag inside the other and sprinkle confetti in between the layers for a fun touch!

Tip 2: hand out cute napkins and confetti poppers, launchers, and/or balloons so your friends can keep the celebration going!

Due to the rain, I wasn’t able to take as many pictures as I would have liked to but here are a few moments I did get to capture.

It was rewarding to see how happy our friends were from the pictures they posted.

A classroom of third graders even got in on the celebration! (You can expect to see some more confetti popcorn next year 😉)

Enjoy today, throw loads of confetti, and spread all the kindness!

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