*Best if read in an English accent*

There is something so endearing about wedding ceremonies and receptions-especially on a royal scale. As we approach Prince Harry and Meghan’s big day, I have been reminiscing Prince William and Kate’s wedding. I’m not sure what the source of America’s (and my) fascination with the royal family is…maybe it’s because living in a castle literally fit for a queen sounds like a real-life fairy tale or perhaps it’s the dreamy accents. Whatever it is, I’m obsessed! I follow them on social media and own their commemorative wedding magazine.

Since you are going to be watching it anyway, you might as well make it a royal gala. For William and Kate’s matrimonial bliss, mum and I made scones and sipped tea as we vicariously attended the affair through the television screen. We even bought chunky fake rings almost as elegant as Kate’s ;).

Even if just for a morning, it was fun to be friends with the royals. So pull out your fake rhinestones, dawn a stylish fascinator, heat up the kettle, and glaze some scones-I can hear the wedding bells!

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