Father’s Day

“How do you make a Kleenex dance? You put a little boogie in it.”  -Dads all over the world

Besides some of the best (or worst) joke tellers, dads have a lot to offer. They’ll teach ya how to tie your shoes, navigate a bike, and eventually how to drive a car. When mom’s away they can slick back ponytail like no one else so you don’t go to school with bed head. They’ll tell you the best route to wherever you are traveling even though you’ll just turn on the GPS as soon as you hop in the car.

I am super grateful for my dad and all the things he has shown me and done for me. If you were wondering where my love for chocolate and bacon (not necessarily together) came from-the answer is my dad. He has been the best example of how a man should treat a lady. He’s an excellent study buddy. He always makes sure that my tires are aired (upon mom’s asking). Just a month ago, he moved all my possessions out of my apartment in the pouring rain so mom and I would stay as dry as possible. He literally rocks! We have this tradition of snapping a photo in front of every Hard Rock Cafe we come across. Here’s the picture proof:

We just got back from a mission trip to Alaska today, so I’d consider it a pretty good Father’s Day haha. But really, it has been a blast serving alongside him. I think we’ll take him to see Incredibles 2 and have a nice dinner this evening to finish off the celebration. Thanks for being a rock for me. I love you!

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