Camp S’mor{ies}

This summer I have been working for my university on Rec Staff, traveling around to different camps leading games. Our team started as basically six strangers. (I like to compare us to The Breakfast Club.) But boy, oh boy have we gotten to know each other! Our adventures took us from flatland in Central Texas to the mountains in Colorado and finally to the tall pines of East Texas. The jokes, jams, and sass were endless not to mention the ‘Phase 10’ games.

We just wrapped up our last week and I wasn’t going to let it go by without commemoration. The first thing that pops into my mind when thinking about camp is making s’mores, thus the inspiration for this celebration. (I also thought it’d be a good idea to roast something besides each other…for a few minutes at least.)

Baylee and I drove the golf cart around camp scouting the best fire pit. We landed on the gorgeous stone spot overlooking the lake. Letting nature be the shining star, I kept the decorations minimal-paper fans for a pop of color and a chalkboard arrow sign. My original plan for the fans was to hang them in trees but I decided to drape them over the rock wall instead. They were literally being held in place by fishing line tied sticks and pine cones that acted as weights.

What’s camp without a few awards? We played a matching game that left everyone snickering ;). I used the Snickers candy bars that have attributes on the wrappers for the “trophies”. I gave everyone a ballot with each of our names and the Snickers characteristics so we could decide which fit who best. Side note: the chocolate WILL melt because Texas is HOT!

We had a blast and a half hanging out with one another and a couple of new friends. Chocolate and marshmallow goo was everywhere. But have you really eaten a s’more if you come out clean? It has been a joy working with these goofballs! Thanks for a memorable summer, guys!

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