Pop, Fizz, Clink. It’s {Almost} 2019!

“Alexa, play New Year’s Day by Taylor Swift.”


Hey there, friends! It has been way too long since we’ve talked party deats. This semester has been packed with planning several fun events that I will get around to sharing…but FIRST, I want to make sure you are all set for New Year’s Eve.

Target is the one stop shop for all your NYE night-in needs. They have the cutest disco ball plates, (and if you know me, you know that disco balls are my fave), adorable coordinating napkins, and the happiest confetti poppers.

I’m a pretty nostalgic gal so maybe that’s why I like New Year’s Eve so much. I love remembering all the good times of the last year…here are a couple ways you and your friends can do just that! I found these two fabulous printables on Pinterest.

For added fun, fold the reflection papers and place them in confetti-filled balloons. Label the balloons by hour so you can pop them and swap answers as you countdown to the new year.

ANDDD it’s finally time to crack open your Confetti Moments jar. My 2018 was full of Confetti Moments and I really hope yours was as well…but if not, I have a really great feeling that 2019 will be your year!


Enjoy ringing in the new year with this stylish, cozy gathering. Whether you are watching the ball drop or New Year’s Eve, the movie…be sure to throw all the confetti! (I can pretty much guarantee you’ll be finding sparkly remnants into the next new year.)

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