Confetti Brands That Will Make You Dance

Hey there! As Confetti Day approaches (March 30th), I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite confetti brands! (Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post, I just genuinely love these brands.) Names are linked so you have easy access to each website!


This company is the bee’s knees! They were a vendor at Christmas at the Silos. If Joanna Gaines approves, don’t we all?! I am currently LOVING this confetti tape and cannot wait to throw my colossal confetti everywhere! The white paper peels off the tape so the background is clear which is a bonus.

The Confetti Post

These sunshine-y people send the happiest celebrations and feel-goods in the cutest yellow boxes. I was so grateful to receive this care package last semester during finals (notice the coffee candy) from my rock star parents. They have all kinds of themed boxes that you can customize.

Packed Party

This place knows how to bring the fun with all their accessories. They are my go-to for planning in style. Their confetti-filled products turn everyday items (even staplers) into a party. They are based in Austin, Texas but have a mobile store that visits other states-really hoping to visit them soon!

The Confetti Bar

When I first got on this confetti kick, this was one of the first businesses I was introduced to. They have some seriously superb confetti mixes both ready-made and customizable. Last year for earth day I bought biodegradable confetti to show the earth a little love. I have also gotten individual packets called “Random Acts of Confetti” meant to be shared with others so you know I’m all about that!


And then of course, there are places like Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby & Michael’s where I source many of my party goods.

Check these products out! I hope you fall in love with these companies like I have & find all the reasons to add confetti to your life and the lives around ya!

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