Confetti Day 2019

Another year, another colorful Confetti Day! At this point, I should really just call it Confetti Week because my celebration tends to spill into a whole week anyway.

I got extra into delivery day this year by dawning my confetti-fied overalls and jewelry to match. Mailing and passing out treats to friends never gets old whether they are expecting it or not. My only regret is that it is physically impossible for me to shower every human on this planet with a little confetti kindness…I guess that just means you’ll have to help me out next year! This year’s edible confetti was POPCORN! I told you you’d be seeing more popcorn confetti (white chocolate popcorn with pastel M&M’s) this year ;). Care Package Carla even made a few confetti scones to share! YUM!!  I also handed out logo stickers and small packets of confetti mix. (Michael’s had confetti bouncy balls for all the boys…I figured they would appreciate that form of confetti better…haha!)


My vision for this traveling party was to create more interaction with my Instagram audience so I got to have a fun little giveaway. It included this Spring’s issue of Mingle Magazine, a gold foil “party” balloon, a logo sticker & plenty of confetti. Mingle is one of my favorite sources of party inspo so I am hoping that it brings the winner lots of joy and sparks new ideas for gatherings.


I really love when other people get involved with celebrating this sparkly holiday! A few girls on campus have opened up their apartment to offer coffee to all the students on campus. I think this concept is so cool because they just want to connect with and love on people well, which is the purpose of Confetti Day. They offered a free cup and one of their logo stickers to the first few customers who mentioned my made-up holiday.

Each year that I get to do this, I am filled with gratitude for all the amazing people in my life and this is just a small way I can show my appreciation for their friendship. So, party people, go celebrate your people!

Also, maybe next year I’ll get better at photographing the big day…I just get distracted by all the glitter I guess…


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