Flower Power

If you’ve seen ‘The Office’, then you know about ‘The Finer Things Club’. This year some of my gal pals and I have met up almost weekly to enjoy each others’ company and the finer things in life. No, we haven’t read any books or discussed art, but we have watched award shows, eaten cheese boards and one week, Mal even cut Megan’s hair. With senior year coming to a close, I wanted to host a brunch because breakfast food is the best.

Each year I look forward to dandelion greetings that mark the arrival of springtime. Don’t even try to tell me that dandelions are weeds because I will argue every time that they are wildflowers. I have loved the fluffy white seeds for as long as I can remember. I  think it is so magical how they transform into golden beauties. And they do create confetti which is awesome.

Anthropologie has the most beautiful window displays and a while back they created larger than life dandelions to grace their storefront. Dad, knowing my obsession, asked what they do with their displays when they move onto the next. Spoiler alert: they let me have them! Since then, I have been dying to use them for a party and this spring brunch was the opportune time. Target, of course, supplied the rest of the decor. How are they not sponsoring me by now?!

More on dandelions, my sweet beau knows my love of the fun flowers, as well, and found “Lessons of a Dandelion”. To keep with the theme and cross pollinate ;), I hung each lesson on the backs of the chairs. We helped each other decide which lesson best fit who and now we’ve adopted them as mottoes for post-grad life. I think we could all learn a few things from my fave flower.


Fresh flowers are so cheerful and endearing so we decided to try our hand at creating arrangements. I found cheap vases at a thrift store and we all pitched in a bundle of flowers…we’ve all decided to become florists, so forget the degrees we’re about to earn haha.


Because this was a celebration of friendship and growth, I feel it’s only right to let you in on how great these girls are.



Well-spoken, hype girl for all. She speaks freely from her heart and always make you feel valued. She’s an ennegram expert and makes a mean playlist. Check out her mad DJ skills for yourself on Spotify (Hanna Elaine Harvey).



Megan also knows all things ennegram and can make you laugh like no other. She has a huge heart and is one of the easiest people to talk to. You def want this smoothie-bowl-making gal in your corner!



I don’t think she knows it, but she is wise beyond her years. Mal has THE BEST one liner’s; just ask me for one next time you see me-I started a list. She’s a granola girlie and is also a very talented photographer.

And here’s me…I’m just thankful they let me throw confetti at them.


Also, I think we all get different photo creds on this one!

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