A Very Merry Birthday

There’s a sweet boy in my life who recently turned 23! This boy just so happens to have been born in December & L-O-V-E-S Christmas. He also loves s’mores & anything outdoors. Naturally, this party planning gal went to work on a Christmas themed birthday.

It was kind of comical because in November, we hosted a Friendsgiving at my place & he is also quite the little planner. He kept giving ideas about different things & I kept responding with “Could you please save some of those ideas for December?! I’ve already got a couple things up my sleeve!” I do appreciate his more than willingness to help host things though…he could very well be the confetti king (but that might go to his head 😉 ).

A cold front came in just in time for this wintery party…sorta. Nerf/rubber band/spray water bottle wars have been a regular occurrence with u,s so a snowball fight was absolutely necessary. Amazon has everything-including indoor snowballs and Walmart has snow confetti. I carefully placed handfuls of the sparkly shreds on our ceiling fan waiting for the birthday boy’s arrival. Once he stepped inside, the guests chunked their snowballs in his direction while I hit the fan so a flurry could greet him. (Not gonna lie, I was hoping it would turn into an all out war, but I suppose I just invited some very polite people… haha.)

My roomie & I have a great big backyard with a fire pit that we’ve been dying to use more, and since my boy likes campy things, the outdoors was the only setting for this shindig. I’m realizing now that s’mores & movies have become quite the theme amongst my posts…but is that even a bad thing? I have had a projector for some time now just for such occasions as this! We hopped aboard “The Polar Express” while everyone toasted s’mores and chatted. One of Joey’s favorite ways to eat a s’more is to replace the Hershey’s chocolate with a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. (Don’t tell him, but I have yet to try it…what can I say? S’mores are already perfect!) Along with the s’mores, we enjoyed a reindeer cheeseball, savory cheez-it chex mix, crockpot hot chocolate & apple cider.

It was a fun night spent under the light of the stars and stringed lights-two of our favorite things! I am so grateful to everyone who helped celebrate Joey! Thanks & Merry Christmas!

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