Just Stinkin’ Do It!

I don’t want to just sound like another “New Years Resolution Post”, but here it goes. Each January has me thinking I can conquer the world if only I do *fill in the blank with a to-do list*. And as much as I love checking things off a list, I don’t want it to feel like daunting tasks that will never get done. Soooo I create goals and then figure out the smaller steps to attain those goals.

I want to host a gathering at least once a month this year and blog about it, big or small. Also, I want to really be present at each gathering instead of drifting down “hostess mode” hole. I love the planning of parties, but by the time I get to them & have everything the way I want it, I sometimes end up feeling pretty tired. Even though I always enjoy the company & celebration, I’m constantly thinking “Does everyone have what they need? What can I do to anticipate the next thing?” Again, I live for this role but what is the point if my feet are there but my mind isn’t?

All this to say, just stinkin’ do it! Invite some friends (maybe even strangers) over…or go out…whatever floats your boat! I looove the extra fluff that decorations bring, but you don’t always need them. You just need to gather with your community.

How am I putting this into place? Well, this month I had one of my fave hype gals over for ice cream, some friends over for piña coladas & our fave TV show, & most recently, a chicken spaghetti dinner. (Now, did I have tropical bunting for the piña colada night? You better believe it! But I kept it simple & relaxed.)

You know that sweet boy & his host skills I mentioned in my last post? There was a group of people he wanted to encourage so we had them over and enjoyed a night of reminiscing over swapped stories. It was nothing elaborate. The only thing I bought was some fun napkins. But it was a really sweet night.

(Don’t think just because I posted this, I’m ridding all future shindigs of decorations. I’m sure the next post will have a lot more pizazz 😉)

Be extra or keep it minimal-it’s up to you, just stinkin’ do it!

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