Sweetheart Sunset Spread

To: My Valentine

From: Your Confetti Girl

February. The month of red & pink, decadent chocolates, stuffed bears & sweet-smelling flowers. You either love it or hate it, right? I’ve come to be a big fan of the holiday. Who doesn’t love everyone telling their people they love them? And it gives us something to celebrate after the new year begins. I know it can be cheesy, but the month of romance is kinda fun! And it’s not just for couples, I love reminding my family & friends that I love them. The holiday just makes it easier to do!

My sweet boy plans sweet things for me, so I wanted to plan a Valentine date for us. A picnic is always a good idea! All you have to do is grab some quilts, pack a light meal & choose a scenic background. I chose the pretty lake where we live & a cheese board. After our snacky dinner we watched “You’ve Got Mail”-one of my favorite rom-coms (Joey is a really good sport 😉 haha). We enjoyed our evening of laughing & dreaming lakeside.

The cutie pennant on my trunk is from the one & only Target dollar section. It’s always good to affirm your person with love notes! And for added fun, create a playlist to listen to with songs that remind you of your significant other. Whether classic love songs or Disney sing-alongs. Oh, and Girl Scout cookies make a great charcuterie addition, just sayin’!

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️ Stay tuned for a Leslie Knope inspired Galentine’s brunch!

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