Social Distance Gatherings

Yes, the title is definitely an oxymoron haha. These are weird times as you are all aware & I can’t say I’m a fan. But. I can say we were made to gather & gather we will…from a safe distance that is.

Last weekend our local movie theatre thought outside of the XD box 😉. They hosted a drive-in movie event that was a delightful distraction from the current state of the world. A couple friends drove into town for a fun double date that fit into CDC’s guidelines. As soon as Joey & I drove up, they tossed a twine strung can to us so we could chat. Of course we have phones but what’s the fun in that?!

I am loving all the creative ideas such as the theatre’s & others I have seen on the web. I thought of a couple of my own that I wanted to share.

1. Chopped Challenge. I grew up on two channels-HGTV & Food Network. Chopped is a fam fave & I want to host a chopped party sometime. In the meantime, call a couple friends, figure out 4 ingredients you have in common & go nuts. Once you have all made your dish, post pictures of your plates on social media to have your followers vote on whose looks best (since they can’t taste it obvi).

2. Book Club. There’s lots of time to read right now, so get some of your peeps on board with reading a book together or having Bible Study. Then designate a day & time to virtually meet up, enjoy a glass of wine or mug of tea & discuss your story together! If you need a recommendation, I am loving ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, right now!

3. Game Night. As the roomie & I drove around last week, we saw the cutest families playing Pictionary across the street from each other using dry erase boards…#genius. Not the same, but if you had to, you could try doing this virtually. Think it’s possible to play ‘Phase 10’ through the phone? 🤔

4. Online Shopping. Who doesn’t need happy mail right now? And it’s only helping your fave businesses. I’m sad I haven’t been to Target in a while, but the Internet has become my best friend. Share your fave online stores with friends &/or send them some goodies! You’re just replacing your in store time with online store time.

5. House Hunters. (Here’s the HGTV coming out.) If you are just itching to get out, move safely to the confines of your car with your quarantine pal & drive around neat neighborhoods in your area. Catch me in our historic district!

6. Story Time. My roomie, Mary, is calling all of her little friends, who make everything better, to read them the cutest stories! How fun is that?!

Although, we are all probably going cross-eyed from all of our screen time, I’m thankful for technology like FaceTime, Google Meet & Zoom because they keep us connected!

Stay sane, my people & let’s make some memories even in quarantine.

P.S. Don’t forget that Confetti Day is Tuesday & I’m giving away some happiness! Enter to win on my Instagram or Facebook!

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