Traveling parties can’t really happen when there’s a pandemic & quarantine orders so, Confetti Day looked a little different this year. Typically I get to “surprise” friends on campus with little confetti bombs & treats. This year, working in the “big girl” world, I was passing out toilet paper. 😂 My day job is working at a housing authority as a social services coordinator. So in all actuality, maybe it still was a traveling party for my residents. 🤷🏼‍♀️

In hopes of spreading confetti joy, not germs, I asked my fellow party people to post their quarantine confetti on social media, tag me & use the hashtag. It ended up being so fun & made all the social media feeds a little more colorful. ☺️ From jewelry and new hobbies, to laundry & sprinkled desserts, you guys brought your A-game!

In these uncertain times, I am certain that there are still confetti-worthy moments to celebrate. Even if confetti moments look a little different these days. Mine look like “cozy home church”, social distance double dates, eating outside & more texts/calls with my people. I am choosing to find #quarantineconfetti in all the weirdness & I hope you do to!

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