Staycation 3 Ways

Ahhh summertime! This summer is looking different for everyone, but I am here to say that there is still some fun to be had! Our original plans would’ve taken us out of state, but due to COVID precautions we decided to try out hand at “Camp G” by creating our own fun here in the great state of Texas…& our backyard.

Here are three staycation ideas for ya:

One ~ Painting with an at home twist.

Just have one day off or you need an at-home date idea? Get crafty! Mom got us each a paint by number kit you can find at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. We started these on Dad’s birthday and continued them on our time off. Still not finished, but it’s pretty stinkin’ relaxing honestly. My tip-take note of the challenge level…the more challenging the more tiny numbers to paint haha. 🎨

Two ~ How about a “camping” trip?

I don’t know where you are on the camping enjoyment scale of Nick Parker to Meredith Blake in “The Parent Trap”, but I am somewhere in between them. Dad’s birthday wish was to go camping, so mom & I found a very happy compromise…Aunt and Uncle’s deer lease house in the Hill Country. If you can get away to change up scenery for a little bit I highly recommend it. If not, pretend you are. Take a little break from technology, pick up a book, get some fresh air & play card games with your “quaranteam”. 🏡

Three ~ Backyard bagel dogs & movie night.

Sorry not sorry to feature yet another outdoor movie-it’s just one of my faves (obvi) & about the only time of day I want to be outside during the summer. I’m strange when it comes to summer evenings because I thoroughly enjoy the sultry air with an occasional breeze. Ten points if you can tell me what the movie is based on the picture. Hint: it is a great camping flick to view under the stars. 🎬


Inspired by Molly Yeh, our pre-movie snack of choice was homemade bagel hot dogs. Not even gonna lie to ya, we started them off on the fire pit and finished them on the grill. They were super tasty and it was an excellent test run for future gatherings. It is always better to go with tried and true rather than being the guinea pig for a party in my opinion. I can so see this go well in the fall with more friends when it’s cooler & you don’t mind the extra heat as much. 🌭


Pro tip: have a momma who will take the extra dough & make cinnamon sticks!

When plans changed, I thought “should I still take the week off? I can just got to work and maybe take a day off that week”. Y’all-if at all possible, I am a big proponent of taking a whole week off (your job can survive without you for a couple days)! It was just the simple refreshment I needed during these trying times. Do something that brings you joy & don’t forget to extend a little extra grace to everyone right now-including yourself.

What are your staycation hacks? I wanna know in the comments!

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