Let’s Par-Tee

Every day has a designated day to celebrate something…isn’t that wonderful?!! October 4th was National Golf Lover’s Day. At the community center I oversee I have at least one golf lover, so this day was really made for him. Typically, to celebrate one of these non-traditional holidays we’ll give a brief history of said day, serve the coordinating food if applicable, & have a little reminiscence therapy. I wanted to make this a little more interactive…& fun 😉. I’m talking diy miniature golf fun!

First Shot
Ramped Up
Zig Zag TP Forest

I’m actually terrible at putt putt golf, but when I saw a friend turn her house into a golf course, I tucked the idea into my back pocket. This was the month for the idea to come to life & I was giddy. Y’all – this was silly fun. And I know I had more fun than my seniors, but I’m okay with that 🤷🏼‍♀️.

Topsy Turvy
Bubblewrap Trap

This was super simple to put together and my only expense was the golf balls (we used foam because the real deal made me nervous for our indoor course). Most of my inspiration came from Pinterest. Luckily we already had tons of pool noodles at work that acted as barriers for each hole. I brought large cardboard boxes from home to use. Clear plastic cups secured with masking tape became the holes. I also borrowed clubs from some of Dad’s buddies which was super helpful, but you can also get creative with this-a collection of canes could’ve been a hoot too! It’s such a great activity because you can use things you have at home: cookie sheets for ramps, books for obstacles, & now I’m wondering why I didn’t create a confetti trap 🤔. Be sure to test your course to make any necessary adjustments and you’re good to go! I’d say at least 80% of the fun of this was the set up so if you’re using this idea for a family game night or a creative date night, make the set up part of the night!

Triple Threat
Crazy Eight
Mouse Trap

This experience definitely made me respect mini golf engineers a thousand times more. Let me see the course you create by tagging @confetti_reign in your posts!

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