NYE Midnight Mix

Cue the confetti because 2021 is coming! I don’t remember exactly where I saw this first, but shoutout to whoever it was because I’ve been waiting all year to put this fun confetti bar together. The idea is to create a DIY confetti mix of what you want the new year to look like. For example: green confetti pieces for wealth or yellow for lots of sunshine, etc. Toss it at midnight and you’ve got lots of happy confetti wishes fluttering around like magic. Whether your gathering is a party of many or a party of one, this is the only way to ring in the New Year.

I had a blast and a half curating my little confetti bar from a couple favorite brands and new fave Etsy shop. (Thimblepress, The Confetti Bar & LilPawsPaperArt). It was also really fun to search around the house for fitting containers for each mix.

What’s in my mix? Celebrations (a given), giving plants a little more room to grow (iykyk 😉), reasons to cheer others on (my people do such a good job of doing so for me), clouds and stars (a reminder for all the fools who dream), colossal confetti (for all the moments that call for larger-than-life celebration), & joy (always in need of this).

Every type of bar needs some good signage, amirite? Canva came in clutch! If you’ve never used their site, you need to! It’ll help for all your novice graphic design needs. And if you want, I’ll gladly email you the pdfs of these!

You’ll need a vessel for guests to put their confetti mix in and a paper cone is an easy one to create. I carried on with my colorful Canva-made graphic theme. Print on card-stock, cut to the size you want, roll into a cone, tape & you’re ready to throw!

Couldn’t do this without Target’s Bullseye Corner! Catch me disco-ing into 2021.

You don’t need me to tell you that this has been a doozy of year, so I’ll keep this short(ish). Maybe you’ve related more to Taylor Swift heartbreak than you wish or maybe you’ve experienced deep sorrow unlike ever before. I’ve come to the conclusion that, at least in my case, your feelings are valid but someone always has it worse.

I asked my social media followers what good has come from this past year because it’s easy to let the bad outweigh the good. These were some of the responses: “My nephew was born &&& I’ve got nephews from foster care !! the sweetest thing ever” “I got married & my brother-in-law got married all within 9 months during a pandemic” “literally Taylor Swift” – I think we can all agree she was a major highlight dropping TWO new surprise albums on us!

I personally have experienced the good in fresh air, precious friends, sweet weddings (plus a couple more before the clock strikes 12:00), newfound creativity, family that’s not perfect but sure full of love, online concerts & funny TV shows. Here’s to hoping that 2021 brings more gatherings though…aren’t ya ready to see more than just me in these posts? Haha!

I’m thankful that Christmas is what closes out the year – especially this one. Advent has been the sweetest reminder of the hope that we get to celebrate right now (“a thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices”). Thank you She Reads Truth for providing a great reading plan as we reflect on lots of things and look forward to what’s to come.

Maybe it has been a year of redirected dreams & I do hope 2021 is filled with more dancing than mourning. A couple weeks ago our pastor read from “Every Moment Holy” by Douglas Kaine McKelvey & now I’ll share an excerpt of the prayer with y’all. Perhaps it resonates with you or someone you can share it with.


“Now take this dream, this husk, this chaff of my desire, and give it back reformed and remade according to your better vision, or do not give it back at all. Here in the ruins of my wrecked expectation, let me make this best confession:

Not my dreams, O Lord, not my dreams, but yours be done.


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