Confetti Day Collab

Happy FIFTH annual Confetti Day! 🎉 And to think this all started with a Tech Solutions college course! I look forward to Confetti Day each year because 1. it’s a fun time that I’ve some how roped my pals into celebrating alongside me & 2. it’s a reminder that if you’ve got an idea – go for it!

Each year thus far I am challenged to think of how to add to the celebration with fresh ideas so it doesn’t grow monotonous while staying true to the essence of the holiday. As I brainstormed this year’s rainbow shenanigans I thought about how it would be fun to team up with a fellow confetti tosser & Jessica, from The Confetti Bar, more than fit the bill! I reached out to her via email about the possibility of a giveaway, waited eagerly for a reply & voila! She responded with an even better idea – a signature “Happy Confetti Day” mix that could be available for anyone to pre-order. I was elated that she wanted to be part of Confetti Day & a one-of-a-kind mix would be put into the hands of all who wanted to celebrate! We also brainstormed ways to get people interacting & celebrating with us, so a scratch-off card with surprise ideas was born.

I was first introduced to The Confetti Bar by my sweet mama who loved sending college Alexis care packages. She found the site when I started Confetti Reign & sent some of their happy product to me. It was love at first sight! Since then you’ve seen me talk about their different mixes here & I have continued to be a fan. So it has quite literally been a dream come true to work with one of my confetti heroes! And this probably won’t be the last time you see this colorful duo together…I may be popping up on her socials every now & then. 😉

So what did this year’s traveling party hold? Well, thank goodness we’re in a better place with COVID than we were last year! I actually got to make a few deliveries – one extra dear to my heart. With most of my friends scattered across the U.S. I got to send lots of happy mail, but wanted to still make some local deliveries. I got to see a couple comrades face-to-face & bring cheer to the office with both tossable & edible confetti.

I also got to surprise my local Ronald McDonald House with confetti happiness! (If you need a laugh – when the worker answered the door I introduced myself as the founder of Confetti Day. 🤪 It got the job done. 🤷🏼‍♀️) I hope the small bucket brings smiles as those precious families face health trials.

You’ve surely heard of charcuterie & maybe you’ve even heard of jarcuterie…but have you heard of charfetterie? (Made up word for a made up holiday. 😂) In February one of my girlfriends mentioned needing some galentine charcuterie inspo & I may have missed that opportunity, but I tucked it away for such a time as this! Care package Carla just so happens to also be the queen of charcuterie boards, so I charged her with crafting this year’s confetti food & boy did she deliver! Look at this cutie!

I sure hope you had a happy Confetti Day & that you find a reason to throw confetti every day! 🥳

Featuring some sweet throwback Confetti Bar swag…peep the 🦄 on the sleeve.

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