Off to the Races!

I’m neither a horse fanatic or betting woman, but I love the idea of the Kentucky Derby & have always wanted to go. Let’s be real. It’s probably the hats & seersucker that makes me fantasize the splendid day of racing. Not to mention, mint juleps sound like a good time!

Once a week I get to provide dinner for the roommates & me & earlier this week I declared it Kentucky Derby night to get ready for the exciting day (today)! Reese Witherspoon helped me plan…no big deal. 💁🏼‍♀️ We’re a couple of kindred spirits if you ask me! I was born in Nashville, she was raised there & I’m actually moving back next week (get ready for some Tennessee gatherings, y’all)! Anyway, on a visit to TN a couple weeks ago I visited her sunny clothing store, Draper James, where she has the best southern fashion staples. Also in the hospitable gingham filled store was a sweet little party goods nook. She & Coterie collabed to create pretty & practical magnolia printed paper plates &&& tissue paper heart CONFETTI! See? We’d for sure be besties!

As you probably know, Reese has a charming cookbook called Whiskey in a Teacup filled with family stories, recipes, & party planning tips. I’ve been hanging on it waiting for the perfect opportunity to try out her mint julep recipe & this dinner was the perfect time! Confession time: I one-hundred percent bought take out from KFC to go with the cocktail. 🙈 What can I say? Ya girl’s gotta pack! They do look like some fab Derby bites but I’ll just have to try ’em out another time!

While yummy, the juleps were…uh…potent. But then again I’ve only had the kid-friendly Disney version before this. 😉

My very favorite part was decorating an arch for photo ops! I just love the memories captured in photos. I think that’s why I usually try to create space for plenty of pictures with each gathering I host. One of my gals inherited this neat metal arch with her new home & passed it on to me! I have been dying decorate it. While on one of my weekly trips to Target I perused the party isle as I normally do & spotted these paper blooms to pair with hues of blues balloons.

Raising my glass to the Kentucky Derby & new Tennessee adventures!

2 thoughts on “Off to the Races!

  1. I am a horsewoman and a Derby fan. I’ve had opportunity to visit Churchill Downs– OMG. LOVED once again seeing in the race via TV and holding on to my bucket list of seeing the actual race in person before my days are done. YES!

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