3 DIY Confetti Poppers + Happy News!


This rookie confetti tosser is ready to play ball!

I’m celebrating officially joining #TeamConfetti with DIY party poppers three ways! If you’ve been around my insta (or these blog posts for that matter) you know that I am obsessed with The Confetti Bar. Most recently, I got to collab with Jessica (Chief Confetti Thrower of TCB) on a custom Confetti Day mix. Working with Jess was an actual dream. She is a thoughtful, kind, creative, magical human being made of rainbows and sparkles. Seriously. I’m told it was my Schitt’s Creek inspired Confetti Day reel is what sealed the deal to extend our collaboration on a trial basis. 😂 (I’d like to thank Moira, Stevie, David & Alexis for getting me where I am today. “Boop”! 😉🙌🏼 ) As our trial run was winding down, Jess graciously asked me to officially officially join Team Confetti as Head of Happiness! (Coolest job title EVER!) Squeals of delight & hops around my room ensued immediately & continue to happen as my giddy levels of joy have stayed at an all time high… haha! Here’s how she popped the question:


I quickly slid into working on the reel reveal which you can watch here. Can you tell by that home plate entrance I was a dancer, not a baseball player?? I had tons of fun playing the part though with the dramatic slow motion video & sports music. Piñata Confetti Baseball is totes something I can get behind though! So if anyone wants to help me pitch a league, I’m game!

Catch me on TCB’s socials (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, & Pinterest) for some color, DIY inspos, & free entertainment. There are sure to be fun content crossovers because why not kill two birds with one confetti stone?

Now, on to the DIY’s!

Confetti Crackers

Stepping up to the plate is my new fave way to DIY confetti poppers. They remind me of the holiday crackers we open at Christmas dinner. You know the ones, right? Tissue paper crowns, jokes, & American Girl sized (iykyn) games/toys. In fact, this is a super easy hack to make your own & you get the chance to recycle the toilet paper tubes that have taken on new meaning since COVID. 🤪 Thanks TCB Inspiration Center for this fab DIY!

Party Popper Fixer Upper

Loaded on second base is project that’s going to require a little demo & reno. Ever noticed how unfortunate it is that store bought confetti poppers just aren’t cute? (#sorrynotsorry) Have no fear because there is indeed a way to fix them up! Guess where I found this neato project. 😉 Yep! Once again TCB Inspiration Center. Pop over there for full instructions on the “how to”!

Balloon + Confetti = Pop Magic

Coming in hot for a home run is the easiest & I do mean easiest confetti popper I have found to date. Toilet paper tubes are also the star of this show. And here’s where I found this DIY!

I am incredibly thankful for people who have gone before me to create beautiful things that I can try out for myself! I hope you’re feeling inspired to make something or shoot your shoot. You never know when a “no” will turn into a “yes”! 🎉

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