Popsicle Partyyy

Ain’t no party like this popsicle party ‘cuz this popsicle party don’t stop!

I am really into popsicles right now. Maybe it’s just the summertime talking, but I just love the idea of them, ya feel? I had been on the hunt for popsicle molds because I’ve been wanting to make my own. I stumbled into Marshall’s not too long ago because a friend sent me a gift card (shoutout to my girl, Abigail!) and to what did my eyes appear?! Popsicle molds! This was a big deal because I had looked at so many places before that I just knew would have the long searched for prize! Needless to say I was (& still am) pumped about the whole thing!

I’m hoping you might be into popsicles to and want to join this ongoing party with me. As I find inspo & experiment with various icy recipes I’ll add them to this post for you to take a whirl at too! Please also feel free so send me your fave cool treat recipes too for me to share here!

Flavored Lemonade Pops

I was inspired by Giada on this one. On an episode of “Giada Entertains” (great show with lots & lots of fab hosting inpos btw!) she made Gummy Worm Ice Pops for her daughter & friends. Yum! Gummy worms are a surprisingly great addition to frozen treats so I figured this would be no exception. Well I found myself having lemonade already but no gummy worms…sad day. But! After looking in my fridge & freezer, I spotted fresh blackberries & frozen strawberries that wanted to party. I decided this would be just as tasty an addition as the candy, so I substituted. Wanting to add pizazz & needing to use mint leftover from my watermelon mojitos, I popped it right into the molds with the fruit & poured lemonade on top! Do not skip out on the mint! It’s adds a refreshing note that pops up the pop to another level of flavor town!

Not only do they taste delish, but what a great way to use up some leftovers that need a little love!

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