Flamingo Jingle

Dashing through the sand in flip flops & sunscreen, running toward the waves out here on the beach, hey! It is almost Christmas in July, people! As you know, I love Christmas, but I rarely make an exception to celebrate any time before Thanksgiving. Christmas in July is one of those rare occasions so let’s crank up Kelly Clarkson’s “Wrapped in Red” album & rock around the Christmas palm tree!

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Until I make it to “Serendipity” in New York for one of their famous frozen hot chocolates I’ll just have to try my hand at my own & you should too! I found a recipe on Pinterest, but I didn’t pin it right away (rookie mistake) so I just winged it haha.

  • 1 (ish) cup of ice (I used regular ice but I think crushed/nugget ice would take this to the next level)
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1 hot chocolate packet
  • A festive cup, duh!

Blend all your ingredients together & enjoy!

Summer Snowglobe Shakers

Anybody watch “The Middle”?! Sue Heck is my spirit animal & a snowglobe is a big part of her marathon, comedic, dorky, precious love story. IYKYK & if you don’t, do yourself a favor & go watch the series. Because of this show, I love snowglobes now, too!

Thanks The Confetti Bar for your constant source of inspo! I had lots of fun putting a summer twist on these confetti shakers!

  • Paper plates
  • Hot glue
  • Cling wrap (Jess used clear, plastic plates but I subbed plastic wrap)
  • Joy to the World confetti mix
  • Cute Christmas flamingos

I started by gluing the flamingos on my red gingham plates. Then I sprinkled on confetti & wrapped in clear plastic. Because I subbed the clear plates, I thought it’d be prettier (lol) to hot glue another paper plate to the bottom to coverup the wrap.

These would be totes adorbs strung as pennants like bunting or place cards that become a personalized take home gift!

‘Tis the Season to Give

It is so natural to think about donating to charities around the holiday season but year round our favorite missions need our support! What are you passionate about? The environment? Fighting Hunger? Finding a cure for cancer? Who are the foundations that are boots on the ground fighting for your favorite causes? Do the research to find those organizations & see how you can support. I can pretty much guarantee that they need volunteers &/or financial assistance.

If you’re stuck here are a few of my faves that I have gotten to see their great impact on this big ‘ol world:

Wishing you a very sunny Christmas in July & a joy-filled rest of the year! 🏝🎄🦩

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