DIY Laternefest

And at last I see the light

And it’s like the fog has lifted

And at last I see the light

And it’s like the sky is new

And it’s warm and real and bright

And the world has somehow shifted

What do Laternefest and Rapunzel have in common? Their origins are found in Germany & lanterns are a glowing’! First of all, sorry for being MIA for a couple of months. Life has been…well…life! In our journey of celebrations around the world our next (& last for now) stop is Germany. (We’ll circle back to Halloween & Dia De Los Muertos next year.)

I adore the movie ‘Tangled’ & all things lanterns so when I flipped to the last call for celebration in ‘What Do You Celebrate?’ my eyes twinkled at this candle lit lantern festival.

Laternefest, or Lantern Festival is celebrated on St. Martin’s Day which falls on November 11th. Martin was a Roman solider in the fourth century. One day he came across a beggar who needed warmer clothes for the cold season so he gave him half of what he had on. He became honored as a saint in the Christian church. People prepare for this celebration by making paper lanterns to light the night parade.

I’ve got just the crafts for you to bring the festivities to your home! And if you play your cards right, these decorative paper lanterns can become Thanksgiving &/or Christmas decorations too. 😉

I braved Hobby Lobby on Saturday which is like hitting up the mall on Black Friday around here haha. I gathered pop up lanterns to decorate & glittery paper to craft a couple others with to give variety.

Add A Pop to Your Pop Ups

I chose a pack of three gold lanterns to embellish with fall hues of crepe paper I had at home. I fashioned fringe, tassels, & stripes with the malleable material and hot glued to secure.

*Hot glue safely reminder: use a wooden craft stick or anything other than your finger to press down the paper! Did I burn the blistery heck outta my thumb and is that why I’m making this note? Maybe so. LOL*

Keep it Shimmery & Simple

To add a little spice, I also created super duper simple glittery lantern structures. I cut 1 inch strips for the “walls” of the lanterns, 1.5 inch strips for the top and bottom, along with thin strips for the handle. I glued the tops & bottoms into circles & bent the wall strips in half to give dimension.

Add pretty ribbon and hang to display! You’ve got your very own Laternfest at home!

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