A D V E N T 2 0 2 1

I said it last year & I’ll say it again this year – I am so glad our calendar wraps up with Advent & Christmas. If you are familiar with the big “C” Church calendar you know that Advent begins the Sunday after Thanksgiving & goes through Christmas Eve. Then Christmas Day starts Christmastide which leads to Epiphany, the celebration of when the wisemen visited Jesus & His family. (Yeah, my mind is also blown that the 12 days of Christmas are actually after Christmas!) But back to Advent! You may know everything I’m about to say about this centuries old celebration but I hope this serves as a sweet reminder for you & I as we approach Christmas Day.

A few years ago mom started an Advent Study tradition with me & my sister-by-love. Each year we follow along with the She Reads Truth community to intentionally remember why we are celebrating the holiday season. (Warning: this may just turn into a love letter to SRT haha! Not an ad, just a really large fan!) SRT is devoted to seeing “Women in the Word every day”. They design each of their study books so beautifully & their Advent is extra special. Included are daily scripture readings, prayer &/or question prompts, plus recipes & crafts & records of remembrance! (So far I’ve made the Butternut Squash Soup & Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies – SO DELISH!) SRT also has online devotionals corresponding with the daily readings & I’ll talk about their podcast in a bit. (If you don’t have a physical copy of the SRT 2021 Advent study book & want one, you can purchase a digital download here. It has all the goodies the paper one does!)

Everlasting Light

Advent = arrival. This is a season of anticipation & expectation as we celebrate that Jesus came to earth & will return for us again.

This year’s SRT Advent theme is “Everlasting Light”. I have heard Jesus illustrated as light my entire life but haven’t really taken the time to ponder this truth until now.

I am not a fan of the dark. I like cozy lamps & string lights & lots of sunshine. I hate the Fall time change because Winter days become so short & dark & cold. I long for the light because to me, light = life. The idea of a light that literally has no ending warms my sun thirsty soul. I’m talking no dimming, no battery replacing, no flame dying in the wind or snuffed by water.

That’s what Jesus is; praise God! His light & life literally pierced through the darkness of this world. Just think about that. Picture it. Feel it.

And He did so in such a humble way. I don’t know about you but leaving a throne to enter the world as a helpless baby would not be my ideal entrance. I’d be thinking more along the lines of fireworks & confetti that would be bigger than a Disney World display. But He chose to come dwell with us. To walk & talk & eat with us. One of my favorite Christmas songs is called “Winter Snow” & speaks to the fact that God could have made Himself known in boisterous ways but He came quietly & softly. Oh the volume of His bold love & grace.

The phrase “we are living between two advents” is a popular one. And it’s true – the first promised advent/arrival has come & we are a people waiting for the second where all things are made perfect and there is no need for lights because The Light of the world has come. Cue the stinking’ confetti!

Advent Resources

If you want to chat more about what Advent means to me I’d love to talk! (Feel free to email me at confetti_reign@yahoo.com.) If you are wanting to learn more about Advent here some resources to explore.

She Reads Truth Podcast

I love every one of these conversations & the perspective they have given me.

Advent Week 1

Advent Week 2

Advent Week 3

Church of the City Sermon

This is good stuff y’all! Brad Gray laid out Jesus’ genealogy in a really cool way.

The Genealogy of Christmas

Songs That Celebrate Advent

I created this playlist of my faves and I hope it’s as good for your heart as it is mine. (And if you have suggestions for additions, shoot them my way!)

Advent Playlist

Happy Advent, everyone!

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