Disco-ing into 2022!

This could be the start of something new 🎵

Troy & Gabriella (& also me)

I hadn’t thought of High School Musical as a New Year’s Eve movie until this year but I am here for it! Since my dream of attending a swanky NYE party came true last year I was all for a pj party this year. A HSM movie marathon to end 2021 and start 2022 just felt right. I grabbed all my disco balls & even crafted a new one. Shoutout to Tori & TikTok for the inspo to create a disco ball bowl!

I got the clear plastic fishbowl & adhesive mirrors from Amazon. My original vision was for the bowl to be solid mirror but when I didn’t correctly calculate how much I’d need I decided rather than ordering more I’d just be more spontaneous with my design. TBH I’m really happy with how it turned out because I love the popcorn peeking through & I didn’t have to worry about lining everything up perfectly so win-win haha! (If you’re going for the solid mirror look, I recommend a little larger mirror size over these tiny baby cuties.)

With the salty snack popped & ready to boogie, a sweet was missing. Confetti cake seemed fitting plus I’d been dying to use the party popper cake topper Jessica (aka Confetti Queen of The Confetti Bar) sent me. I whipped up a simple vanilla cake adding sprinkles to the mix & dressed her in a thin layer of frosting. (The buttercream icing recipe is also in the cake link. I cut it in half & it was the perfect amount for this gal who just likes a taste of frosting with her cake.) Two disco balls for ’22 were added & she was ready to party! Mochi, a Japanese tradition for good fortune in new year, made a trifecta of goodies to enjoy during our trifecta of High School Musicals.

Now for your viewing pleasure: the most darling confetti pop there absolutely ever was! 😍😂

Speaking of confetti, last year I also created a DIY confetti bar to mix, match, & toss new year wishes at midnight. Consider this my new NYE tradition because it’s just too fun not to repeat! In fact, Jessica and I teamed up to provide a little more inspo to create your very own here & she designed gorgeous printables to download for free! Do yourself a favor & go ahead & bookmark this on your calendar for December 31st, 2022 mhkay?

So glad my new Christmas jammies are East High colors. 😉 #thanksmom

My word for 2022 is anticipation. I am expectant that wonder-filled things will happen. For you. And for me. There will be challenges I’m sure, but we’ll cross those when we get there. Promise me that you’ll take time to celebrate the things that make you giddy with joy. Here’s to feeling twenty-two all year! ❤️

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