Join the Confetti Revolution

Confetti Day turned 6 this year! And it was my first in Tennessee!

I love reflecting as it traces the faithfulness of the Lord. Reminisce with me for a quick sec? Last year on Confetti Day I had a Zoom interview with my current employer that moved me to where I’ve wanted to live since, well, forever. Last year also brought the happiest collab with The Confetti Bar that never quite stopped! I’m not saying that Confetti Day holds some type of magic that other days don’t possess, but wow has it remained magical for me (& I hope it’s magical for you too)! It’s good to put a stake in the ground on days to remember & I’m grateful Confetti Day is one for the books.

Of course Jessica, Confetti Queen of The Confetti Bar, was down for a celebration & boy, did she bring the party! She designed rainbow confetti revolution cards to spread the word about this fantastically made up holiday. It’s occurred to me that I really like leaving happy things in random places for people to stumble (& hopefully smile) upon. With these cards I did just that in the weeks leading up to March 31st. I know it worked because a co-worker spotted one of my planted cards out & about haha! It’s my hope that the rest of my card soldiers completed their mission of spreading joy just like this one. There was no shortage of other colorful products in a fabulous TCB drop to keep the party going; including celebration kits. (Limited quantities still available here. 😉 There’s even a FREE digital kit that’s downloadable!)

My next favorite part of this year was curating Confetti Day baskets (watch the how-to reel here) to give to some of my favorite humans: Show Hope because I have forever fan-girled over their organization & Chick-Fil-A because they feed me dinner on almost a weekly basis. (I know, I know. Be better about taking photos Alexis! But it’s odd enough introducing yourself as the founder of Confetti Day let alone asking a stranger to take pictures with you.) How much do you love these printables Jessica designed?!

Let’s talk this year’s edible snack. Confetti cake donuts! (Aka “Funfetti” cake mix in the shape of donuts with glaze in lieu of frosting.) Just be sure you don’t overfill the molds…not saying I did that or anything…

Something I haven’t gotten to do in a couple of years (because Covid & friends scattering all over the country after college) is leave surprise confetti treats on my long lost cousin & friend’s porch! And I took smaller goodie bags to Five Daughters Bakery & Jeni’s ice cream because they also feed me well on the reg haha!

Couldn’t pass up sending happy mail with my TCB celebration kit!

Roomie deserved a treat too for putting up with all my shenanigans…I think I’m turning her into a confetti person!

What tops and Confetti Day for me is seeing how you join in the confetti revolution. Whether you are confetti obsessed or not, you celebrate & that makes my heart soar! It fills my tank to see the treats & kindness being passed around making this the actual sweetest traveling party ever ever!

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