Squeeze the Day!

I know pumpkin spice is taking over as the leaves are beginning to turn & fall but before cooler weather settles in all the way, I need to share this lemonade bar with you! Besides, if you’re in the south, it’s still technically lemonade weather….

Our story begins at the end of the last summer season where all good stories begin…Target! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was making my weekly run to the second happiest place on earth when I stumbled upon the cutest citrus themed party decor ever! And! It was on sale! I quickly snagged lemon plates, lime, napkins, bunting, & confetti-filled balloons knowing they’d come in handy the next summer season. By the time this summer rolls around, I’ve mulled several party ideas over, trying to get one to stick. As you may know, my day job is working at a camp. With our staff at least doubled in the summer, we like to do fun things to take care of our short-term staff so we break up into “families”, each lead by a few full-time staffers. This plays out through weekly treats delivered to mailboxes. Our COO jokes that we are basically secret admirers until camp staff gets to know us. Toward the end of this summer we wanted to host a dinner gathering for our “family”. As you know, I am all about dividing & conquering until everything is covered. With the home, dinner, & dessert covered already, drinks were left. It is my confetti commitment to make everything special (aka extra) so out came my long awaited citrus decorations for a lemonade bar!

Obvi, you’ve gotta start with the basics: the Lemonade. Again, I wanted to make this feel extra special so fresh-squeezed was the way to go. Any good bar, whether drink or otherwise, involves plenty of flavorful add-ins to make whatever your creation, uniquely yours. I was at a farmer’s market a few days before our fam gathering so I kept my eyes out for peaches & blackberries to turn into simple syrups. Sprigs of mint & rosemary from my balcony herb garden were also happy to join the party.

I did go ahead a bring along tried & true Country Time pink lemonade to add a little variety…plus I got tired of squeezing lemons haha so I wanted to ensure there’d be plenty of sweet libation to go around.

I’m going through a serious phase of obsession with my punch tape label maker right now. Nothing against good ‘ol Sharpies but I thought this would be a more exciting way to keep track of who’s cup was whose.

Thanks lemons, for reminding us that when life gives us something sour we can add a little sugar & “squeeze” the day!

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