‘Twas the Night Before Christmas in Confetti Land

Hello friends! I co-authored a book!! It feels like the loveliest dream that I never wanna wake up from!

Last year, someone at my day job mentioned posting a story on our socials of the night before Christmas as it relates to our camp. I immediately thought of doing the same for The Confetti Bar & here we are! Jessica Huizenga & I adapted the beloved “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” tale for social media content; then, Jess mentioned the most magical idea – turning our story into a real life, hardcopy, BOOK for THIS holiday season! (An actual dream come true!)

What’s a picture book without beautifully designed pages?? Becca Story Smith really brought her A-game on the illustrations! Like I want nothing more than to jump inside the pages Mary Poppins-style to live there.

Ahhh!! We have had a blast & a half diving into the whimsical world of Confetti Land at Christmas time & hope you feel the same way!

I’ll keep adding to this post to share more fun with you along the way but for now, check out how you can order a copy!


Our preorder packages are available through October 1st! This is the perfect opportunity to get our book at a discounted price &&& with bonus book-themed goodies! (Pro tip: any of these packages make for stellar Christmas gifts…just sayin’!) *Updated 10.26.22 – though preorders are over you can still order your ready to ship copy now!*


If you hear someone squealing & jumping up & down it’s me! I’m heading to Confetti Land aka Confetticut aka Connecticut for our book launch event in TWO WEEKS! If you’re a local or just wanna make the trip, Jessica, Becca, & I would love to meet you over a cup of pink hot chocolate!

*Updated January 29th, 2023

Mimmo Wonder really became Confetti Land! Made some kind new friends including Julie Burbank who captured the below moments beautifully! I know that any visit to see my fave Huizenga family will include hospitality galore! Jessica is the kind of friend & host I want to be more like. Truly one of the warmest people I am honored to know! (Like we ate so well! Connecticut-style pizza from not one but two well-know spots in New Haven plus special pumpkin tarts where you have to know the gal to order, &&& her mom prepared a delish and authentic Italian dinner! #nextlevel) Mom & Dad got to come on this trip which made it all the more sweet! Mom made sure that everyone received a raffle ticket & Dad was an excellent pink hot chocolate barista! If you thought we went to CT without eating lobster rolls & clam chowder, think again! Am I a travel/food blogger now because I could go on & on haha!

Another special event I got to be part of was a signing in my hometown of Livingston, TX! HomeGrown TX (my fave small shop) hosted a porch party for small business Saturday they so graciously let me join! CT’s event was sweet because of new friends, TX’s event was special because of old friends. Small towns, at least mine, SHOW UP! Not only did I get to stay with my best friend (another outstanding host – seriously I am grateful to have the most thoughtful friends) but I got to reunite with friends from church and school that I haven’t seen in a couple of years.

Thank you!!!

“T’was the Night Before Christmas in Confetti Land” was one of the highlights if not THE highlight of my 2022! Thank you for letting us be part of your holiday season! Here’s a cutie storytime for ya! And if you haven’t gotten a copy yet, it’s not too late – we still have lots of copies to get out in to the world so early Christmas shoppers, here’s your chance to start. 😉

“Spreading kindness & cheer is what this season’s about but let’s spread cheer all year with a great big shout!”

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas in Confetti Land

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