‘Twas the Night Before Christmas in Confetti Land

Hello friends! I co-authored a book!! It feels like the loveliest dream that I never wanna wake up from!

Last year, someone at my day job mentioned posting a story on our socials of the night before Christmas as it relates to our camp. I immediately thought of doing the same for The Confetti Bar & here we are! Jessica Huizenga & I adapted the beloved “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” tale for social media content; then, Jess mentioned the most magical idea – turning our story into a real life, hardcopy, BOOK for THIS holiday season! (An actual dream come true!)

What’s a picture book without beautifully designed pages?? Becca Story Smith really brought her A-game on the illustrations! Like I want nothing more than to jump inside the pages Mary Poppins-style to live there.

Ahhh!! We have had a blast & a half diving into the whimsical world of Confetti Land at Christmas time & hope you feel the same way!

I’ll keep adding to this post to share more fun with you along the way but for now, check out how you can order a copy!


Our preorder packages are available through October 1st! This is the perfect opportunity to get our book at a discounted price &&& with bonus book-themed goodies! (Pro tip: any of these packages make for stellar Christmas gifts…just sayin’!) *Updated 10.26.22 – though preorders are over you can still order your ready to ship copy now!*


If you hear someone squealing & jumping up & down it’s me! I’m heading to Confetti Land aka Confetticut aka Connecticut for our book launch event in TWO WEEKS! If you’re a local or just wanna make the trip, Jessica, Becca, & I would love to meet you over a cup of pink hot chocolate!

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