Gosling & Guac

I’m sorry to inform you that your Taco Tuesdays are lacking two things. Bright side, I’m about to help you fix it!

First things first, a guacamole turntable. A couple years I ago I visited one of those neato board & brush places with friends where my diy project was a Lazy Susan. (As type this out now, I’m wondering what poor Susan did to get a bad rap as being sloth-like. Pretty sure they should be called Genius or Efficient Susan because thanks girl for helping us distribute food without having to pass it to the other end of the table.) Said “Lazy” Susan sits happily at my table’s center typically holding a vase of flowers or other seasonal decorations. Well, on Twosday (2-22-22) this year, she got to fulfill her destiny as a rotating guac bar. My roomie is also my co-worker & her mom just so happens to also be our boss. To take it a step further, our boss’ boss is our boss’ best friend lol. Uncle Julio’s (iykyk) is one of our favorite restaurants & the best part is the table side guac service. Half of the bunch likes cilantro & the other does, likewise with spice etc. so a build your own guac bowl table side was our master plan for appeasing everyone’s taste buds. (I actually posted an Insta reel on the making of our guacamole turntable a few months ago…a few months after the actual gathering…so by my timeline of posting this blog maybe I should be called Lazy Susan..)

What spun on our guac carousal:

~Mashed avocados

~Diced tomatos

~ Fresh jalapeño

~Red onion

~Lime wedges

~Cilantro sprigs

~Salt, pepper, & garlic powder

Did you know that there are a ton of Ryan Gosling Taco Tuesday memes floating around the internet?? Long story short, Gosling memes have become an inside joke with this quartet so when Callie was creating the invites for our fiesta, she included plenty of Ryan photos which then spilled into our decor. Speaking of decor, I couldn’t resist ordering a papel picado banner & restaurant-style salsa bowls for the occasion which may or may not have arrived mere hours before this dinner #thanksAmazon.

So maybe your Taco Tuesday is actually missing three things because you should definitely add sugar-rimmed limeades (a spin-off of our Galentine’s beverage) to the menu…oh & sopapilla cheesecake too!

I have to know. What else would you add to your guac turntable??

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