A Golden Bingo Night

Aubrey: “Are you competitive, Alexis?”

Alexis: “Only if it’s card games or something that doesn’t require skills haha!”

Aubrey: “We should have a game night….maybe an old lady bingo night where we dress up?!”

Alexis: “Okay…& I guess our food would be bring your own casseroles? Haha!”

Callie: “We can have Golden Girls playing in the background!”

Alexis: “YESSS!”

At first I thought Aubrey was so silly wanting to dress up as grandmas for a bingo night but as soon as Callie threw Golden Girls into the mix, I was sold! Boy did this night end up being one belly laugh after another! I’m not entirely sure what possessed me to watch Golden Girls from beginning to end recently but I’m thankful for whatever it was. Those gals kept me giggling & gave an iconic direction for this party. Aubrey, Callie, & I had fun bouncing ideas back & forth as we planned this bingo night for our bosses. It was the day after Boss’s Day & the perfect way to celebrate our goofy team!

Usually the decor is the first thing I start mulling over in brain waves for a party but it was the activities & food that began all of this so honestly the decor was pretty last minute. I frantically searched Pinterest for ideas & sticking to the Golden Girls Florida roots, landed on pinks & greens & tropical things. Other than that, we didn’t have to do too much to the apartment because it already looks like older ladies live there. 😂

What’s bingo without prizes?? The first thought on my mind for prizes was prescription confetti from The Confetti Bar of course! What elderly person doesn’t have a medicine cabinet full of prescriptions amirite? And confetti is the best medicine after all! I also snagged salt water taffy, tore off some sheets of my Golden Girls weekly planner, & through some Efferdent out too (denture or retainer cleaner, you decide haha).

Everyone brought a casserole making our menu complete with poppy seed chicken, chicken divan, green bean, and corn casserole, plus cobbler with ice cream.

The costume reveals was one of the best parts of the night. We had some serious dedication to the theme as you can see. I was determined to use something I already had & felt pretty confident I could pull off a Blanche look with a silky bridesmaid robe I had tucked away (I plan on being a hip grandma as it is anyway 😉).

I seriously could not stop laughing at the accents & jokes that carried the night. I feel like this is a had to be there moment but when Callie called a “B9”in bingo, it was met by Aubrey’s response of “yes it was benign”. There was also some clever cloud banter believe it or not.

It took me a minute to catch the vision but my oh my did we have FUN! Would you host a grandma bingo night??

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