Is it just me or are Valentine decorations just some of the cutest ever?! Outside of February, I don’t normally pair pink & red together but there is just something about it that works for the second month of the year! I feel like a lot happened this month. Normally, February flies by after a long January but it seems this year, time stretched a little & I’m not mad about it.

“Rejoice always, pray constantly, give thanks in everything; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Thank a Mail Carrier Day – February 4th

Our “mail lady” is super precious. I’m not sure that we’ve ever actually met but for Christmas she put a note in everyone’s box wishing us happy holidays from “your mail lady”. Is that not the cutest? I was very happy to leave a little Random Act of Confetti from The Confetti Bar in our mailbox for her to discover.

National Pizza Day – February 9th

Something about me – I’ll never turn down a slice of pizza! Pizza is part of my weekly meal routine. It marks the end of my work week & christens each of my weekends. So yeah, I was extra pumped about celebrating one of my fave foods. If you find yourself in middle Tennessee, I highly recommend Sal’s Pizza. (“Pizza My Heart” confetti from The Confetti Bar!)

Super Bowl Sunday – February 12th

Here’s the story of how I watched more of the Super Bowl than I ever intended to. Ya girl wanted some wings to make a cute board because though I was not going to watch the game, I was most definitely going to eat like it. I’m just going to say it. Buffalo Wild Wings is a place that intimates me. So just set the stage there. I was heading home from my Galentine’s celebration so I’m wearing tons of pink, adding to my “she does not look like she belongs in BWW” look. But I’ve hyped myself up. I can go in an order in person. I’m not calling. I’m not ordering online. So picture a very frilly & frazzled Alexis heading into BWW. Because I already feel out of place, I am just trying to make it out alive, therefore not paying enough attention where I’m walking. I see a sign that points to the to go orders & a guy heading that direction so I follow him. But not to the to go line. Into the MEN’S RESTROOM! Mortified, I quickly pivot, stepping into the women’s restroom where I proceed to whip out my phone & order online. The wait is going to be a bit so I head back to my apartment where I can change in hopes of not being recognized when I go back to pick up my order. I head back to the restaurant where I wait for another HOUR to get my little 6 piece teriyaki boneless wing order all the while hoping I’m not accidentally burning down my apartment complex because I’m preheating the oven for my Trader Joe’s Mac & Cheese Bites because it was only going to be a 15 minute errand. I literally felt like Lizzie McGuire’s cartoon.

Moral of the story: BWW is veryyyy busy & scary on Super Bowl Sunday. Just don’t do it.

Galentine’s Day – February 13th

I heart Galantine’s Day! I think I’ve celebrated every year since starting this blog & it’s always a highlight for me. This year some gal pal’s & I went to a candle making bar. I felt so fancy mixing my favorite scents into a gorgeous vessel. As much as I love hosting in my home, it is definitely nice to go to a place where they’ve done all the work so all you have to do is sit back & enjoy the process.

Valentine’s Day – February 14th

I’m also a big fan of Valentine’s Day because I love love!

I started the day with heart-shaped cinnamon rolls inspired by some Insta friends I follow. As I was thinking of what to make for this special occasion breakfast, I was trying to figure out why it was so important to me that this day be marked with a fun food. Finally it occurred to me that mom made us special Valentine breakfasts & brunches growing up. I don’t even now that she did it every year but I know when she did, it made me want to do the same. I know she’s the reason why I love celebrating so much. Celebrations, however chaotic or calm, make for fun memories I want to create again & again.

We had an office Galentine’s/Valentine’s party that I got to create a treat board for. And speaking of things that smell good, Aubrey & I put our heads together for a diy oil perfume roller station that was oh so sweet!

February 17th – Random Acts of Kindness Day

This felt like a good reminder to just be a kind human always. And it’s a good precursor to Confetti Day next month!

Ash Wednesday/The Start of Lent – February 22nd

Growing up, we didn’t necessarily practice Lent in the Baptist world. Good Friday & Easter for sure but not really Lent. So what is Lent?

“For more than a thousand years, Christians around the world have observed Lent as a solemn season of self reflection as a means of preparing to celebrate Easter. As contemporary believers, we are invited – though not required – to do the same.”

She Reads Truth

Any celebration requires preparation. That’s literally the purpose of this blog. To share about how I prepped & executed gatherings in order to inspire you to do the same. Y’all have heard me talk about She Reads Truth more than once around here because I love their resources. This Lenten season, I am returning to the faithful truth they share via their “Your People Forever” study book where we’re sitting in 1 & 2 Chronicles for 7 weeks. Lent is a time of preparation. Honestly, at its core, it’s pretty somber. But that’s what makes Easter Sunday all the more joyful! The remembering leads to wonder…funny how that ties into my words for this year, no? Without the death, the resurrection isn’t nearly as incredible.

“During Lent, we reflect on this greater redemption narrative where we met face-to-face with our desperate need for salvation. In this long, slow season, we remember our need for forgiveness in order to truly rejoice in the unmatched, indescribable way our loving and merciful God meets that need.”

She Reads Truth

Floral Design Day – February 28th

When I visited Nashville to scout out if it was where I felt I should move, I discovered the cutest flower truck in all the land – Amelia’s Flowers. Since moving here, I have often spotted the craft paper wrapped bouquets when out & about. I’ve always admired the pretty florals but just hadn’t made one myself yet so this day was the prefect excuse to design a little bundle of happy.

Bucket list:

  • Try a new breakfast, lunch, & dinner recipe from my Magnolia cookbooks ✔️✔️✔️ Overnight French Toast Casserole, Egg Salad Sandwiches, & Mushroom Bisque…I’m drooling just thinking about these meals!
  • Make a Willow & Sage diy ✔️ Oatmeal Body Butter
  • Listen to lots of Michael Bublé, Frank Sinatra, & John Legend ✔️
  • Watch “One Fine Day” on Hulu…tbh I forgot about this so adding it to March’s list!
  • Listen to Annie F. Downs “Let’s Read the Gospels” podcast ✔️ I’ll tell on myself here – I got behind a couple days but caught back up! Because we often read the gospels as Easter, this felt like such a good kickoff for Lent.

What were your February confetti moments?? I’d love to hear about them!

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