Confetti Day 2023!

I didn’t intentionally plan for Confetti Day to fall in the Spring but it feels so natural that it’s in March. I become as giddy as a kid when the outdoor furniture comes out on display at Target because that means warmer weather & more sunshine. So this year, I leaned into the fun of Spring by incorporating chalk & bubbles into the color-filled & kindness spreading day that is Confetti Day. (The week of Confetti Day was made extra special by a trip with college friends & one of my fave artists concerts. Read more about that here.)

Allow me to introduce you to 2023’s Confetti Day snack: Fruity Pebbles Rice Krispie Treats! I followed this recipe & used silicone molds to create circle treats to imitate confetti. I had cellophane wrap from another project so between that & the holographic streamers from The Confetti Bar’s Emergency Happiness Kit, packaging was a breeze!

I also had some egg-stra fun confetti crafts inspired by my friend Jessica from The Confetti Bar! 😉

“Cascarones (derived from the Spanish word cascara or “shell”) are a cross between an Easter egg and a piñata.

The cascaron—a shell filled with confetti and dyed or decorated like a traditional Easter egg—is said to bring good fortune when cracked over a person’s head. This tried-and-true Tex-Mex tradition traces its roots back to Asia, where eggs were traditionally filled with perfumed powder or ash and given as gifts. From Asia, Marco Polo brought the sweet-smelling shells to Italy, Spain, France and the rest of Europe where young men and women signaled interest and attraction by throwing them at one another.

‘Fiesta San Antonio has our opening ceremonies at the Alamo,’ said Director of Communications and Consumer Marketing Shannon Houghtaling. ‘Once we conduct the formalities, a cascaron is cracked on a head, and that means Fiesta has officially begun.’

Around the 1860s the French Emperor Maximillian’s wife Carlotta found such an air of intrigue with cascarones that she introduced them to Mexico. It was here that the perfumed powder was swapped for confetti, and the new world began using cascarones in their modern form. Eventually, the custom fell out of favor, until it was revived in Texas and other parts of the southwest in the 1960s and it remains part of Texana culture to this day.”

Thanks for the history lesson, HEB!

Though a bit of a process, cascarones are very simple to make!

  • Eat (& clean) a lot of eggs! I cracked the tops of my eggshells with the tip of a sharp knife to create a large enough hole to drain the yolks & whites for breakfast. From there I rinsed with a little soap & water.
  • Once you’ve collected your empty eggshells, decorate them! You can dye them but I chose to stamp mine with confetti markers.
  • After your shells are decorated to your liking, stuff them with confetti! I used Floralfetti, Solufetti, & Sproutfetti from TCB! (No, this post is not sponsored by The Confetti Bar but as their Head of Happiness it is my honor to spread the word! 😊)
  • Next, it’s time to seal up those eggs! I cut squares of tissue paper & used a little Mod Podge for this job.
  • Finally (& most fun of all) it’s crackin’ time! Surprise your friend’s with a confetti crack over their heads!

Here’s a helpful video I used as a guide.

I also crafted a very party-worthy garland! Jess explains it best so you can find the full tutorial here! These would be so much fun to craft for every season don’t ya think?

Back to the chalk & bubbles. I got to begin my Confetti Day by gifting these creativity-invoking tools to some precious foster families. Then, to keep the party going, I set up a happy little table at work. For the grande finale, a mega Confetti Rice Krispie treat for my community group!

Inspired by the sprinkle freckles of Confetti Day 2021, my happy mail of choice was temporary confetti tattoos! I hope my friends had as much fun with these as I did!

One of my favorite elements of this Confetti Day is that a follower of TCB designed this year’s official mix! We enlisted the help of our Inner Confetti Circle & @aks07’s design was the winner!

Cheers to the 7th annual Confetti Day! See ya next year! 🥳

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