Galentines Gathering


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Valentine’s Day may be for soulmates, but Galentines is for soul sisters. Sorry fellas, no boys allowed.  I have always loved the idea of Galentines and wanted to hold one of my own especially since watching Parks and Rec, thanks to Leslie. By now it should come as no surprise that I got my inspiration for this party from Target-the second happiest place on earth amirite? (And I promise they didn’t even pay me to say that!)

With the simple idea of having a few friends over for crafting and sweet treats, I draped the pre-made banner over my curtains (a great photo op) and whipped up some Oreo balls. My first introduction to Oreo balls (or Oreo truffles if you’re fancy like that) was at one of my besties birthday’s several years ago and I have been making them ever since. They are pretty easy and oh so yummy. I also made brownies and took a short cut on cupcakes-shout out to Wally World for baking adorable Valentine’s confetti minis.

Due to the limited space that is in my apartment, I laid out craft supplies on both our kitchen and coffee tables to accommodate guests. We had all the fixings for cute Valentine’s cards: stamps, markers, and decorative tape all on top of a red glittery table runner.

We also had a little Galentines themed phone scavenger hunt and the winner received a couple sticky note pads and a ring pop because bling is a real good thing.

I really enjoyed the company and seeing all the creative cards filled with doodles and puns. I almost forgot! This week’s confetti brought to you by Very Berry Conversation Heart candies. I sweetened up the tables with sprinklings of the chipper confectionery.

P.S. We made cards for family and friends but if you want, you and your gals could make cards to take to your local hospital or nursing home. 🙂

10 points if you can spot Audrey photo bombing

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