May has been a welcomed distraction from the current global pandemic. From my bestie’s bachelorette to turning 24 to the same bestie’s wedding, it has been a blast!

Planning Krislyn’s bachelorette weekend was a team effort for sure! When we got serious about planning, Covid-19 got serious about causing a shelter-in-place order. Knowing this, we had to adapt just like everyone else during this time. What came about though, ended up being just the celebration we needed!

Krislyn was famous for hosting the best sleepovers when we were kids. She always had the best nail polish colors & craft projects. Summer before my 6th grade year, I just moved to a new town & we instantly became best buds. The morning after our first sleepover, she got up to make us pancakes and offered me corn syrup to put on top. I thought it was strange, but desperate for friendship, poured it on. Honestly, some of the best pancakes ever & the rest is history.

When planning her party, we kept our loyal, slumber queen in mind! Sweet fam friends let us stay at their cabin which was the perfect retreat! We didn’t plan a whole lot of extras-just some fun time to relax & enjoy girl time with a couple adventures along the way. 😉

We divided up drinks, food & decor which made planning so much easier.

No pandemic bach party is complete without matching pj’s & masks!

Congrats Krislyn & Ethan! We love y’all!!

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