Take a Hike!

Is it just me or have things been super fast-paced lately? Amidst all of the go, go, go, I am trying to take more time to stop and smell the roses. All too often, I tend to let busyness rule my life. When busyness is my master, I become weary and lose the zest that life should hold. This is why it is so important to savor and celebrate the little things. I fully believe that no occasion is too small to make it special. This post is less party and more celebration because I feel like we all need a little reminder that life should be celebrated.

A couple weekends ago, some friends and I ended a long school week by enjoying sweet sunshine and each other’s company. We packed a picnic lunch and went on a revitalizing hike. Sometimes you don’t need fancy decorations and food; sometimes all you need is a PB& J sandwich and the sound of birds chirping as your playlist.

Maybe nature isn’t your thing. Maybe reading a captivating book or trying a new recipe is your means of escaping details and deadlines. Whatever it is for you, I encourage you to join me in celebrating all of the joy that life brings. Stop and savor!

I would love to hear in the comments how you are choosing to celebrate this week!

2 thoughts on “Take a Hike!

  1. Getting outdoors is always fun. Seeing the creation and just the peaceful environment is so relaxing. Finding a way to leave everything behind and just focus on nature is such a great thing. Hiking seems very fun this time of the year with the weather being so nice.

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  2. You’re so adventurous!! i love how you like to celebrate the small things because it makes life more interesting! Picnics are a great way to see nature and fill our tummies! would love to go on a hike with you and your friends one day!


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