Mother’s Day

Mom. It’s a short word but it sure does hold a whole lot of meaning. If you follow Confetti Reign on Instagram, then you saw a first day of school picture on my story earlier this week in honor of Teacher Appreciation Day. That special lady in the middle also happens to be my mama. Although I never had her as a teacher in a formal school classroom setting, she has taught me plenty of “life lessons”, as she calls them, to this day. Things from making a pie crust from scratch to setting up my own dentist appointments. And of course, how to be a good hostess-she is after all, THE host with the most. So what does mom mean? It means prayer warrior, advice giver, comforter, teacher, care package sender, personal shopper, and built-in best friend. It also means sharing lots of laughs and even more love. More than grateful for the woman I call mom!

I think that’s enough sap for one post, let me tell ya about the celebration! Breakfast in bed is a classic Mother’s Day go-to so why re-invent the wheel? Dad and I whipped up her favorite: a veggie omelet & avocado toast (don’t knock it Chip Gaines). Decor was easy-I wrote a message on the board I made her a couple Mother’s Days ago and we had a local florist arrange sunflowers (another fave of hers) in a vase that belonged to her grandmother. As for the rest of the day, we spent it doing a few more of her favorite things: going to Houston for manicures at the spa, eating lunch at the always delicious Corner Bakery, and a little shopping!


*The card is a free printable from Disney Family


Love ya, mom! You’re a superhero!

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