I am a STRICT no Christmas-until-after-Thanksgiving celebrator. (Although I must confess that I broke everything I stand for by listening to Ben Rector’s new Christmas album, but can you blame me??) Hear me loud and clear: Christmas is my favorite holiday. But I am an equal opportunity holiday celebrator. I think Thanksgiving deserves it’s time to shine. That being said, I wanted to have a fun little Thanksgiving DIY to share with y’all.

I’ve been dreaming of crafting a piñata for a while now and thought “why the heck not make a Thanksgiving piñata?!”. Hence this DIY wishbone piñata tutorial.

Every other Thanksgiving my grandpa and I have a standing date to break the wishbone on Turkey Day. Not positive how I managed to cheat my brother out of the honors each year, but here we are. My grandma has even been known to save a wishbone from a non-Thanksgiving meal for me and Granddada to break the next time I visit. No matter how old I get, I love keeping this tradition alive. In fact, I probably appreciate it more now than I did when we first began. My Granddada is the kind who would check my tire pressure and add air if he deemed it low when I’d drive the short commute from college to see them. And let me tell ya, the man can scoop a mean cone of Blue Bell.

So how do you make this? I am so glad you asked!

  1. Gather your supplies. You’ll need cardboard (I had some leftover from the putt putt course), a marker, craft glue, a box cutter, tape (painter’s, duct, packing, whatever your heart desires), twine, tissue paper & scissors.
  2. Trace & cut your piñata in the shape you want. Obviously I chose a wishbone for seasonal and sentimental purposes.
  3. Tape the “walls” of your piñata to to the face of it. It doesn’t have to be pretty yet because you’re going to cover it up!
  4. Fringe it up, sis (or bro)! This is the fun part. And by fun I mean tedious but it’s what makes everything come together! Cut strips of tissue paper & with those strips, cut fringe (aka lay your strips horizontally and then cut vertically leaving a third of inch or so at the top so you don’t end up with rectangular confetti…yet).
  5. Wrap your tissue paper fringe bottom up. starting from the bottom allows your fringe to land where it needs to without making things complicated. This is where your craft glue comes in handy. Glue your fringe as you you wrap your way up.
  6. Add a loop. Take a drill bit or something else that will do the job to thread twine through the cardboard so you can hang up your creation.
  7. Fill it with fun things! You can probably guess what I filled mine with but imma tell you anyway. Confetti! And extra special confetti pieces of thankfulness.
  8. Let the confetti fall. Wack the heck outta your little labor of love because it’s served it’s purpose.
  9. Voila! You stinkin’ did it! You made an inexpensive party classic in just a few hours & wasn’t that craft fun?!

Maybe next time I’ll graduate to something multi-colored…eh, might not be ready for that one yet.

If you want to see some video footage of the process, check out my Reels on Instagram. #ShamelessPlug

I wouldn’t be sad if you wanted to tag me in your creations!

Updated 11/29/2020 ~ What a sweet Thanksgiving celebration we had in the backyard! And the piñata lived a good life. 😉

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